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Good conversation supported by great playlists

Really enjoy the conversations on bands, songs, influences and comparisons. Really enjoying the playlists during/after the conversation. Came to this show due to the new Toad the Wet Sprocket album (Starting Now) and the conversation with Glen Phillips and then went back to the beginning (Strawberry Fields). Great vibe!

Tom Petty

Awesome interview with Warren Zanes about Toms life and his Story. Especially loved the Traveling Wilburys parts. You really do a great job Ryan in getting these stories out to the music fans, thanks much for that!!


Love Songs of Note! I didn’t grow up on the classics like so many others, so I always feel clueless when I’m around people talking about them. I love getting to know more about these older bands and I love that I get good suggestions of newer music as well. I almost ALWAYS love the recommendations.

One of my favorite podcasts.

As a music nerd, learning the stories behind songs is my favorite pastime. Ryan does a great job of diving into the music and telling those stories; the episodes create such anticipation to re-listen to the songs with new understanding and appreciation.

Counting Crows

Ryan and Jim did a great job bringing back memories of mine from when I first heard Counting Crows ‘August and Everything After’! Learning about what caused Adam to write Long December was very interesting and helped in visualizing the lyrics. I immediately went and listened to ‘Recovering the Satellites’ as well as the first and third Counting Crows record! Great talk guys!

Smart, informative, and engaging

If you watched half as many VH1 "Behind the Music" episodes as I did in college, you will enjoy Songs of Note. After show host Ryan Gregg provides helpful context on the artist, album, or song in question, he then dives deeply into the song of note in an interview with one of his many connections in the music industry. Plus, Gregg has pretty excellent taste in music, insofar as the first eight episodes reveal. In addition to providing me with stories I never knew about songs I thought I knew so well, Gregg, through his ample musical knowledge, also offers connections to related songs and artists that I should likely have listened to long ago. Songs of Note is highly recommended for all serious music fans.

Good Stuff

Love hearing someone who is passionate about music digging in and learning more. Ryan's passion is contagious.

Digging it

Song of Note will inspire you to dig up the stories and background of your favorite song or artist. Looking forward to more episodes. Great title. Plays well at 1.5X speed.

Intriguing and Informative

Gave me a new appreciation for the song and added so much meaning to it while listening afterwards. It’s an informative podcast that draws you in and makes you want to know more about the artists’ lives and motivations. I especially like the playlist linked in the song notes because I was so eager to listen with new ears!

Class is in session

Love the way he invites you to dig in and learn as much as you’d like about great songs you may or may not already know anything about.

For anyone that has been moved by a song.

Love these deep dives into the songs I grew up listening to. Ryan is an excellent host and has chosen quality guests to add insight to each song. Highly recommended.

Talking about Great Songs

Ryan is a musician and music fan of all genres. Here, he breaks down some of his favorites songs and what makes them great. Well researched as well.